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15 March 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Long time  
So I have not posted in a while -
and this is probably beating a dead horse, but there are some breeds of dogs, that should not be turned into sparkle dogs (All breeds really) Because they are incredibly difficult to draw, unless you actually study the anatomy.

This is not a borzoi. And I am pretty sure it is in the running for worst placement of back leg bending ever. (though it does not say borzoi in the desc. if was one of the first results I got)
Awww look at the cute border collie that we can pretend is a borzoi. Oh wait, no we can't they are two totally different breeds of dog.
Llama llama llama .. borzoi?
pokemon/gorilla/flying squirrel/ giant squid. That's not what it says the breed is? Could have fooled me, looks like any other impossible hybrid crap species out there.
Not a borzoi
I am sorry some one threw up rainbow coloured snow cone all over your mutts face, but it's still not a borzoi.

Good gawd.

Bonus Adoptable gold: WTF are these designs. 0o