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02 July 2012 @ 03:06 pm

Okie dokie.

I know that this is terrible,
because sometimes people really do try.

But when your end result looks like this -
You really need to try harder, or just draw in on a piece of paper,
and hide it for the rest of the world never to see.

The whole gallery is pretty sad.

I am sure this person is like 12.
And I am being a complete and total jerk, but I had pretty awful drawings at 12 too
I just didn't post them around the webs.

I am really feeling snarky today I guess - but I ran across this gem.
Intro on her page states:
"Hi I'm Piper, I'm REALLY good at drawing cats."
Really? Could have fooled me.
excellent. at. drawing. cats.
SHe didn't love him!  so she's eating his face instead.