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Sparkledog Snark
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To Snark/Rant about the Abominable Sparkledog and it's Sparklefriends
To save Smartsnark and DeviantartSnark and other wtf/rant communities from sparkledog clutter.
They're just so goddamn awful.

FAQ: Read Before Raging

Q: Do you hate sparkledogs?
A: Actually we don't really really hate them. We dislike them all for different reasons and get laughs out of them, but none of us hardly loses any sleep for sparkles.

Q: Don't you have anything better to do? Like getting a life?
A: Well, finding and snarking sparkles honestly doesn't take much time. About anyone can spend an hour or two in the internet doing whatever they want without automatically being a no-life without a job, ambition or skills.

Q: How can you find bashing someones art fun, that horrible!
A: But it's everyone's right. We don't claim to be loving and caring people here. Yet we really rarely have anything personal against the artists, only their art and we choose to laugh and rage at it in here, our own community. After couple good laughs we proceed to the next.

Q: You are discouraging young artists by bashing them!
A: That's the reason why we are in here, our own community rather than running around yelling our opinions to everyone faces. Neither do we try to force people to stop drawing.
To many this community is a place to blow off steam and pet peeves with like-minded people.

Q: Oh really? You gave a nasty comment on my friend's art.
A: It's in a public place and people are free to express their opinion whether it's negative or positive. The rules discourage mindless flooding, yet it's up to people themselves if they feel something is worth commenting, or possibly even faving.

Q: I see you snarked my friend, I'm going to show this to him/her!
A: You might want to think about is that what your friend wants? Some people have no stomach for drama, and showing this may make them only feel really bad and as a friend you have the responsibility to think are you trying to help or just cause more drama for your own fun?

Feel like I missed something? Lot's of good points can be found from here: http://juliamon.livejournal.com/243153.html

RULES (always subject to updates and tweaks):

* One post per member per week. We aren't horribly strict about this unless it becomes a habit.

* OLD MEMES. It may be hard to know what is considered an old meme, but as an easy rule:
If the deviation is older than six months, it may be an old meme and probably has been snarked already. You are allowed to snark the newer stuff of old meme artists, but I can tell you that for example, we've seen Callykittys "TASTE THE MOFO RAINBOW BITCH" a million times here. Concentrating on the newer, 2011 stuff is advisable.

* This community is for the snarking of Sparkleanimals (sparkledogs, sparklehorses, sparkletapirs, etc.) ONLY. You are welcome to snark from any site.

* Put long links under an LJ cut Or simply use an HTML editor.

* Don't do anything that abuses the TOS This goes for both LJ and DA.

* Comment disabling/post deleting (ANY kind of deleting, jeez) is for mods only. If you're not a mod and you do it, you'll receive a ban, no questions.

* Stay on topic, please. Art, the discussion of the "culture" of Sparkles, and out-and-out rants about it all are what's relevant. Just write about what bothers you with sparkledogs or their creators (not flaming or naming) along with snarking.

* Underage (12 and lower) snarks are only allowed if the sparkle is strong in them, to the level of "eats babies, poops guns and pisses ytterbium" and they are in DA, breaking the rules. You should also report them, as it is against the rules. Be wary as you might end up with a warning.

* If something is inappropriate or mature, mark it NSFW at the beginning of your entry.

* Please don't flood the snarked artist with intentionally mean comments. I've seen some people blindsided with a small flood of strangers that have nothing to offer but insults. Many Sparkle artists are young and their self-esteem is easily bruised. Creating butthurt kids is not what this community is about. If you're itching to say something, offer a critique. They hate those twice as much anyway.

* No intercommunity bashing, please. We're here to have fun not stir up drama. Especially amongst ourselves. If you really think the OP is a moron, back it up with why or ignore the post.
This said, if your only reason on coming here is to whine/whiteknight/tell how you don't care that you were snarked you'll be banned. Eventually. After giving us lots of laughs.
If you feel you have been snarked just because someone has a grudge, contact a mod and we'll discuss.

* That said, do not snark to be a mindless asshole. There are A LOT of animal OCs and fursonas that aren't ridiculously retarded and illogical. A naturally coloured animal with unusual markings (but naturally coloured) and a generally passable backstory is not a Sparkle.
The exception however, is the AntiSparkle Emocritter. They're just as trendy as Sparkles.

* If you see someone breaking the rules above, contact a mod.